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The Lamp and the Mirror

Illuminating Personal Theology

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This community is the home of the online class "The Lamp and the Mirror: Illuminating and Reflecting on Personal Theology," a six-week sequence of lessons, discussion, and homework.

The class is not about teaching a specific theology, but clarifying what each of us believes, why we believe it, and what the consequences of that belief are. The goal is that by the end of the class, participants will have a deeper understanding of their personal faith, and will have developed tools for further reflection and investigation in this area, if desired.

I. Introduction: Doing Theology
II. Authority: “Whom Do You Trust and Whom Do You Serve?”
III. God: Names, Images, Relationships
IV. Good and Evil
V. Community & Ritual
VI. Community and Conscience

Participating in the class would involve reading lesson materials I post to the class community, posting your own responses to the lesson text, posting your homework, and reading and responding to the posts of others. Part of the purpose of the class is to be enriched by the diversity of spiritual experiences of the group, experience the dignity of being witnessed and affirmed in personal beliefs, and grow from the experience of asking and responding to mutually respectful questions.

The moderator of the class is Janet Hendrickson -- LJ username faire_janet. I have a BA from Pomona College and a MA in Comparative Religion from the University of Washington. I am a spiritual director in private practice.